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Working Together

Where to start

Our adventure will start with an email, text, or phone conversation to ensure this is the right experience for you. Once we have our first session set up, I will ask you to complete a few forms with basic information. The week of our first session, you will receive an email with a link to our telehealth appointment or directions to my office, depending on our agreed set up.

What to expect

Our first few sessions will focus on developing an understanding of you, your relevant history, and any current concerns. Typically clients will meet once every week for at least one month. After that, we may move to less frequently.

This time is yours. We will focus our energy on moving you towards your most authentic and fulfilled self in ways that best serve you. In our sessions, we may focus on new coping skills, identifying patterns, recognizing limiting beliefs, and many specifically tailored treatment recommendations.  

Whenever you need to take a break or stop working together, then it's the right time to do so. We can create a plan for when to pause or terminate sessions completely. I do not anticipate anyone being in therapy indefinitely.


I believe that counseling services are a human right. Generally a 50-minute session is $120. A portion of my caseload is dedicated to spots at a reduced rate. I'd be happy to discuss if one of those spots is right for you. 

My Approach

The world of therapy often seems mysterious. I like to be clear that when we are working together, I am not holding anything secret from you. I am a support system for your values and your goals, but understand that you are ultimately the expert in your experience. I encourage clients to demystify any of the process and ask whenever you are curious. 

When working together, we will often explore a variety of things. This may come up through mindfulness exercises, podcast recommendations, books, youtube videos, role playing, journaling, or homework. 

While counseling is not always the most fun 50 minutes of our week, I believe using humor and joy can be as healing and therapeutic as any other practice. Life - and therapy - is about experiencing the full range of emotions and learning to best thrive in your experiences. I am transparent, genuine, and nonjudgemental.

I will often hear people say "I don't need therapy". And that may be true. You may not need therapy immediately, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't benefit from it. 

It is important to me that everyone knows you deserve to be happy. You will not always be joyful and exuberant, but no one deserves to needlessly or endlessly suffer. 


My Approach
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